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Cotransa began storing merchandise in 1998

In response to the needs of our clients, we decided to offer storage services, thus providing a complete and comprehensive solution to our clients and facilitating the processes involved in the logistics chain.

In 2004 the company decided to found INDALOTRANS

Warehouses have been expanded by equipping them with racks and electric forklifts, company personnel have been trained and the necessary computer systems adapted to facilitate work, therefore providing customers with real-time knowledge of their stock.
As the project has grown, a new company led by the same owners was created; INDALOTRANS LOGISTICA, which today has a storage capacity of 3,000 meters.
In addition, INDALOTRANS LOGISTICA has obtained the permits, from the pertinent administration, to act as a Customs Warehouse (DAP) and today we have many customers who benefit from having a warehouse of these characteristics near their facilities, saving costs and waiting time
INDALOTRANS is currently specialized in the storage, picking and distribution of components for the automotive sector, and receives merchandise from different Asian countries (India, China, Korea), America, Turkey, as well as the EU.
Our warehouses are suitable for loading and unloading containers, and we have loading docks and ramps to facilitate access for any type of vehicle.
Both companies form a perfect tandem to carry out logistical tasks.
Both endorsed by the ISO 9001 quality management system, which means we seek customer satisfaction daily and look to improve our processes by investing in new technologies and qualified personnel to ensure service quality.

Our warehouses are DAP (Customs Warehouse) which allow the storage of merchandise from non-EU countries without any time limitation and the possibility to make partial dispatches of the merchandise reducing the costs of customs duties and VAT.

Tailor-made logistics solutions

Preparation and daily picking of goods

Specialized in the handling of different merchandise, picking either by FIFO, Lot, etc., allows us to guarantee the shipment of the necessary merchandise at the client's request, taking care of the most convenient palletization and packaging.

Marking and labelling

Merchandise repackaging, special labelling, shrink-wrapping, in order to meet the demands of our customers.

Rework area

We have an exclusive area for the inspection and handling of merchandise that needs to be inspected or repaired before delivery to the customer.

Inspection and correction of errors in the goods received

The rejection and quarantine zones of goods received, according to the specific needs of each client. The goods can be handled for inspection and/or repair in our rework area.

Documentation preparation

From the preparation of the order, each dispatch is accompanied by a delivery note or CMR, which can be personalized and adapted to the customer's preferences.

Stock control in real time

Notifications, in real time, for any storage activity: receipt of goods, preparation of orders, delivery notes, stock movements.

Customs warehouse

Our warehouses are DAP (Customs Warehouse) allowing client’s to store merchandise from non-EU countries, without any time limitation and make partial dispatches of their merchandise reducing the costs of customs duties and VAT.

Custom agent

We have a Customs Agent and Lawyer in international trade, specialist in the management of Customs Warehouses, who has been with us since we started our activity as a customs warehouse, more than fifteen years ago.
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Cotransa  |  National and international freight transport by road

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